Personal Injury

Our lawyers have litigated complex matters in state and federal court around the country involving serious personal injury and wrongful death, obtaining significant settlements on behalf of injured persons and their families.

Australian UN Worker v. D.C.-based UN Contractor

Obtained significant settlement in confidential mediation on behalf of Australian land mine inspector, whose leg was traumatically amputated by one of several landmines alleged to be negligently left behind by landmine removal contractor based in Washington, D.C.  Overcame significant challenges involving potential application of Sudanese and international law.

Customer v. National Clothing Retailer

Obtained significant settlement for L5/S1 lower back injury suffered by woman against national retail clothing chain.  Woman was injured when she attempted to enter the Washington D.C. outlet of the chain, and the store’s heavy outer door came off its hinges, striking her and falling on her.  Obtained information about the long history of repairs needed to the doors through aggressive discovery and expert witness opinion.

Estate of Skydiving Instructor v. Skydiving Student (and Insurer)

Obtained settlement on behalf of estate of skydiving instructor who died after skydiving student pulled instructor’s ripcord inside the airplane.  Litigated companion insurance coverage declaratory judgment action by student’s homeowners insurance carrier, which prompted settlement before summary judgment.

Commercial Litigation

Posey Lebowitz’s experience in civil litigation includes a broad base of commercial litigation, including contract disputes, real estate litigation, and professional malpractice.

Mezzanine Lender v. Real Estate Guarantor

Represented mezzanine lender in litigation against guarantors in $100mm distressed real estate project.  Obtained significant settlement.

Midwest Tool & Die Company v. Appliance Manufacturer

Advised on settlement of dispute over conflicting terms, delays, and cost overruns in machine project.

Condo Purchaser v. Real Estate Developer

Represented owners of luxury condos in mold-related warranty claims against developer.  Obtained large settlements for defective condos.

Internet/Tech. Issues

Posey Lebowitz has experience in legal issues involving emerging technology and internet issues.  Mr. Posey is the author of the influential Bitcoin Law blog

Construction Litigation

Our lawyers have represented construction contractors in disputes with prime contractors, subcontractors, and third parties, as well as complex commercial real estate investments involving construction matters.  In addition, we have represented property owners in claims arising from negligent design, faulty construction, and property damage by third parties.

Commercial Legal Advice

Posey Lebowitz has expertise in developing contracts for businesses, as well as representing companies in the negotiation of significant commercial contracts.